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SteveEllisByLuigiNovi1-thanks-luigi After a life-threatening encounter with his ‘77 Oldsmobile and a rogue telephone pole, Steve Ellis made a decision. He decided to do what he Loved rather than what he Should. Since that fateful day many long years ago, he has flung himself headlong into the exciting world of an Illustrator and Artist. Today, he runs a studio (Hyperactive Studios) where he takes on large projects for clients. He is co-founder/ Chief Creative Officer of Bottled Lightning LLC, which handles the creation of new properties, and works with Skinwalker Studios as co-founder and Lead designer.

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Steve was educated at the Syracuse University Illustration Department where he met and worked alongside painter/ illustrator Donato Giancola and inspiration and lifelong friend. It was studying at school that cemented Steve’s love of visual storytelling.

Work Life

The years since College have allowed Steve to work on stories and artwork for most of the major media companies in the world as a comic book illustrator with companies like
Marvel and DC and others as well as for tabletop and video games,toy and film companies (Hasbro, AMC, Random House, Blizzard Entertainment see full list below) as an Illustrator, Character Designer and Storyteller. He has worked with properties such as Iron Man, Green Lantern, Lobo, Captain America, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Steve has collaborated with writers and creators like David Gallaher and Fred Van Lente (a fellow Syracuse Grad) in creating intellectual properties and comics for major outlets. Among his Creator Owned properties are High Moon, The Silencers, The Only Living Boy, Box 13 and more.

In 2012, He and David Gallaher formed the company Bottled Lightning LLC, to handle the creation of new properties and to collaborate to handle clients in the entertainment industries. Bottled Lightning properties ( including Only Living Boy, Box 13,High Moon, Dead Skies, Holmes( Confounded) and more, are currently represented by The Gotham Group.


Steve is considered a Digital comics pioneer for his work with Comixology on Box13, with AMC on the award winning comic/online games Breaking Bad: The High Cost of Living, Breaking Bad:The Interrogation and The Walking Dead:Dead Reckoning and has received a Harvey Award for High Moon and two nominations as Best Inker 2009 and 2010.


Steve has woven his love of storytelling with an interest in cultivating artistic talent leading him to teach at at Syracuse University in the Illustration Department where he studied, Ithaca College, and has done numerous seminars and demonstrations on storytelling, painting and drawing.
Steve and his partner on Monsterwood, Jason Rosen, delivered a Convocation Speech as well as performed demonstrations and talks for The University of Connecticut. If you are interested in having Steve appear at your school or business as a speaker or to do demonstrations and signings, please contact him at Steveart1@gmail.com

Fine Art

Steve has had work represented internationally in galleries and is continuing to build an audience for more personal work.

Steve is passionate about stories and continues to create new worlds and concepts. He is intrigued by Mythology and History is constantly weaving those themes into his work. He lives with his wife and two children in Ithaca, NY.

Please Contact Steve at Steveart1@gmail.com


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